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कंप्यूटर से जुड़े Shortcuts Full Form

कंप्यूटर से Related मह्त्वपूूर्ण शब्द  ( Abbreviation Related to Computer )

कंप्यूटर से जुड़े ये फुल forms आपको जानने चाहिए ये आपके टेकनिकल exams में आते है आपको इन्हे रटना  नहीं  है बस ये दो-तीन बार पढ़ने  से ये आपको याद हो जायेंगे जिन्हे आप ऑप्शन में देखकर कर सकते है।

Computer की फुल फॉर्म क्या है ?

U-Used for
E-Education and

कंप्यूटर से सम्बंधित शॉर्टकट्स तथा उनके फुल फॉर्म

2G -Second generation wireless networking
3G -Third generation wireless networking technology.
4G -Fourth Generation of Wireless Mobile Telecommunications Technology
  1. ADG - Analog Digital Converter.
  2. AI -  Artificial Intelligence.
  3. ALGOL - Algorithmic Language.
  4. ALU -  Arithmetic logic Unit.
  5. ASCII - American Standard Code For Information Interchange.
  6. ATM - Automatic Teller Machine.
  7. BASIC -  Beginner's All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code.
  8. BIOS - Basic Input Output System.
  9. BSNL - Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited.
  10. CAD - Computer Aided Design.
  11. CAM - Computer Aided Manufacturing .
  12. CD - Compact Disc.
  13. CD ROM - Compact Disc Read Only Memory.
  14. CD RW - Compact Disc Read And Right.
  15. CPU - Central Processing Unit.
  16. CU - Control Unit 
  17. COBOL - Common Business Oriented Language.
  18. D RAM - Dynamic ram.
  19. DAC - Digital Analog Converter.
  20. DBMS - Database Management System.
  21. DVD - Digital Versatile Disc.
  22. DPI - Dots Per Inch.
  23. DND - Domain Name System.
  24. DCL - Digital Command language.
  25. DOC - Document (Microsoft Corporation).
  26. DAT - Digital Audio Tape.
  27. DOS - Disk Operating System.
  28. E-MAIL - Electronic Mail.
  29. EDP - Electronic Data Processing.
  30. E- COMMERCE -  Electronic Commerce.
  31. EFT -Electronic fund Transfer
  32. ENIAC -Electronic Numerical integrator and calculator
  33. E-PROM- Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory.
  34. ERNET -Education and Research Network
  35. EXE -Execution.
  36. EBCDIC - Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code.
  37. FAT -File Allocation Table.
  38. FD -Floppy disk
  39. FDM -Frequency Division Multiplexing
  40. FET -Eifel Effect Transitory
  41. FIFO -First – In, First – out
  42. FILO -First In, Last Out
  43. FM -Frequency Modulation
  44. Fortran -Formula Translation
  45. FSK -Frequency shift Keying
  46. FTP -File Transfer Protocol
  47. GB -Giga Bytes
  48. GIGO -Garbage In Garbage out
  49. GIS -Geographical Information System
  50. GPL -General Public License
  51. GPS -Global positioning System
  52. GUI -Graphical User Interface
  53. HLL -High Level Language
  54. HP -Hewlett Packard
  55. HTML -Hyper Text Markup Language
  56. HTTP -Hyper Text Tranfer Protocol
  57. IBM -International business Machines
  58. IC -Integrated Circuit
  59. I/O -Input – Output
  60. IP -Internet Protocol
  61. IRC -Internet Relay chat
  62. ISDN -Integrated services digital Network
  63. ISH -Information super highway
  64. ISO -International standards Organization
  65. ISP -Internet service provider
  66. IT -Information technology
  67. JPEG -Joint Photographic expert group
  68. JRE -Jav Runtime Engine
  69. JSP -Java Server pages
  70. KB -Kilo bytes
  71. KIPS -Knowledge information processing system.
  72. LAN -Local Area Network
  73. Laser -Light amplification for stimulated emission of radiation
  74. LCD -Liquid crystal display
  75. LD -Laser diode
  76. LEd -Light – Emitting diode
  77. LISP -Lit processing
  78. LLL -Low Level language
  79. LSD -Least significant Digit
  80. LSI -Least significant Digit
  81. LSI -Large scale Integration
  82. MAN -Metropolitan Area Network
  83. MB -Mega Bytes
  84. MHz -Mega Hertz
  85. MICR -Magnetic Ink character recognition
  86. MIDI -Musical instrument digital interface
  87. MIPS -Million Instructions Per second
  88. MODEM -Modulator – Demodulator
  89. MOPS -Million operations per second
  90. MOS -Metal oxide semiconductor
  91. MPEG -Moving picture expert group
  92. MP-3 -MPEG-I Audio Layer 3
  93. MS -Microsoft
  94. MSD -Most significant digit
  95. MSD -Most significant digit
  96. MSI -Medium scale Integration
  97. MTBF -Mean time between Failure
  98. MTNL -Mahanagar Telephone Nigam limited
  99. NICNET -National Informatics centre Network
  100. NIU -Network interface Unit
  101. NTSC -National television standards committee
  102. OCR -Optical character recognition
  103. OMR -Optical Mark Reader
  104. OOP -Object oriented programming
  105. OS -Operating system
  106. OSS -Open source software
  107. PAL -Phase alternation Line
  108. PC -Personal computer
  109. PCB -Printed circuit board
  110. PCI -Peripheral component interconnect
  111. PDA -Personal digital Assistant
  112. PDF -Portable document format
  113. PL/1 -Programming language 1
  114. PM -Phase modulation
  115. POST -Power on self test
  116. PPM -Pages per minute
  117. Prolog -Programming in logic
  118. PROM -Programmable Read only Memory
  119. PSTN -Public switched telephone network
  120. QAS -Quality assurance service
  121. RAM -random access memory
  122. RGB -Red, Green, blue
  123. ROM -Read only Memory
  124. RPG -Report program generator
  125. RS-232 -Recommended standard 2-3-2
  126. SCSI -Small computer system interface
  127. SEQUEL -Structured English quer Language
  128. SIMM -Single in line memory module
  129. SSI -small scale integration
  130. SVGA -Super Video graphics arrary
  131. TB -Tera byte
  132. TCP -Transmission control protocol
  133. TDM -Time division multiplexing
  134. ULSI -Ultra large scale Integration
  135. UNIVAC -Universal Automatic computer
  136. UPS -Uninterrupted power supply
  137. URL -Uniform resource locater
  138. USB -Universal serial bus
  139. UVEprom -Ultra violet erasable programmable read only memory
  140. VAN -Value aided network
  141. VCR -Video cassette recorder
  142. VDU -Video display unit
  143. VGA -Video graphics array
  144. Virus -Vital information resources under seize
  145. VLSI -Very lage scle integration
  146. VSNL -Videsh sanchar nigam limited.
  147. WAN -Wide area network
  148. WaP -Wireless application Protocol
  149. WLL -Wireless local loop
  150. WMP -Windows media player
  151. WORM -Write once – read many
  152. WWW -World wide web
 इस तरह के कंप्यूटर के शॉर्टकट्स के सवाल हर कंप्यूटर एग्जाम में आते है इन सभी  को आपको रटना नहीं है बस एक दो -बार पढ़ने से ही आप एग्जाम पेपर में ऑप्शन देखकर कर सकते है। 
इस पेज को ऑफलाइन पड़ने के लिए यहाँ से आप पीडीऍफ़ डाउनलोड कर सकते है।

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